10.05.2014 | Press release

Scientists discover gene responsible for AVSD

An international team of researchers has identified a gene that plays an important role in the formation of congenital heart defects. The gene, with the name NR2F2, indirectly controls the development of different organs by promoting or blocking transcription factor genes.  read more …

21.04.2014 | News, Research

Clinic, therapy and prognosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension in congenital heart defects

Germany’s National Register for Congenital Heart Defects has studied the current national health care situation and prognosis for patients with PAH. The results will be presented at the 80th annual conference of the German Cardiac Society.  read more …

30.10.2013 | News

“Genetic research works only within an international network”

An interview with Dr. Anne-Karin Arndt, a post doc at Harvard Medical School, about her research in the USA.  read more …

11.07.2013 | Press release, News

Novel gene for heart failure discovered

Scientists from Kiel, Boston, Zurich and London have identified a gene responsible for the development of a congenital form of heart failure.  read more …

05.03.2013 | News

The future lies in translational research

In her annual New Year‘s speech German chancellor Angela Merkel emphasises the importance of education and research to our country.  read more …

Patient information

Living with a heart defect

One in every hundred babies is born with a heart defect – there are currently around 300,000 people in Germany living with this condition. However, having a congenital heart defect can sometimes present major challenges, and it certainly throws up a lot of questions. How resilient is someone who has a heart defect? Can they have children despite their condition? And are heart defects curable?

Corience is an information portal dedicated to congenital heart defects, which aims to help answer such questions. The website provides independent information on the different heart malformations that can occur, their treatment, and how to live with a heart defect. In-depth reports, personal stories, interviews with experts and background articles all provide practical hints and tips to make living with the condition a little easier. On our Patients page, we’ve collated a list of topics that are dealt with on the Corience website.

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