10th DHZB Lange Symposium

The upcoming anniversary symposium is devoted to specific important achievements and current and future developments in the entire field of congenital heart disease. With this symposium we wish to highlight not only breath-taking innovations from the past but also brand-new developments to be considered for the future. A special focus is placed on innovative operative and interventional techniques and treatment modalities for the treatment of complex congenital heart diseases, as we are all repeatedly faced with diverse challenges and needs in our clinical management of these patients.

The main topics will be:
    •    History and Mystery
    •    Cardiac Interventions – Missions Accomplished and Visions for the Future
    •    Preservation of the Ventricular Function
    •    PAH: Beast without a Beauty
    •    Multimedial Entertainment in CHD
    •    Global Networking
    •    Medical Treatment of Absent or Failing Ventricle

Beside the scientific program there will be an Anniversary Party to take place on the evening of January 18, 2014, in the “Bar jeder Vernunft”.

Programm: Samstag, 18.01.2014

Zeit Titel Referent/en
9.00 Welcome F. Berger

I. History and Mystery

Chair: Alexi / Berger

Zeit Titel Referent/en
9.05 Visions – Missions – Reality A. Solovyev
9.45 From Da Vinci to 3D – Exploring the century – Exploring the heart S. Y. Ho
10.25 Missions and visions of P. E. Lange – Laudatio F. Berger

II. Cardiac Interventions – Missions Accomplished and Visions for the Future

Chair: Carminati / Qureshi

Zeit Titel Referent/en
11.10 Atrial septal defect S. Qureshi
11.30 Patent ductus arteriosus N. Wilson
11.50 Ventricular septal defect F. Berger
12.10 Valves in the outflow tract M. Carminati
12.30 Valves in the inflow tracts P. Ewert
12.50 Ask the experts Carminati / Ewert / Berger / Qureshi / Wilson

III. Preservation of Ventricular Function

Chair: Brawn / Photiadis

Zeit Titel Referent/en
14.50 Emergent corrective surgery in the newborn: from visions to reality W. Brawn
15.10 Bloodless: promises and limits J. Photiadis
15.30 Timing for reoperation on the right side R. Cesnjevar
15.50 Timing for reoperation on the left side B. Asfour
16.10 Ask the experts Asfour / Brawn / Cesnjevar / Photiadis

IV. PAH: Beast without a Beauty

Chair: Schranz / Vouhé

Zeit Titel Referent/en
16.55 How to test the Beast – focus on the endothelium D. Schranz
17.15 End stage PAH/CHD: taming of the screw O. Miera
17.35 PAH and Potts shunt: frog king or iron Henry P. Vouhé
17.55 PAH: New drugs – New hopes – New beauty R. Ewert
18.15 Ask the experts Ewert / Miera / Schranz / Vouhé

Programm: Sonntag, 19.01.2014

V. Multimedial Entertainment in CHD

Chair: Yoganathan / Kühne

Zeit Titel Referent/en
9.30 Multi-modality imaging: how many modalities, dimensions and scales do we need? H. Hahn
9.55 The end of coincidence –multi-scale modeling of Heart Diseases R. Hose
10.20 The third power – redefining the role of blood flow T. Kühne
10.45 Virtual surgical planning in CHD A. Yoganathan

VI. Global Networking

Chair: Yankah / Kumar

Zeit Titel Referent/en
11.45 What does Africa expect from us? C. Yankah
12.05 Does China still need support? J. Chen
12.25 Surgical missions: Eritrea M.-Y. Cho
12.45 Pediatric Cardiology in India – What can we learn from India? R. K. Kumar
13.05 Ask the experts Cho / Kumar / Chen / Yankah

VII. Medical Treatment of Absent or Failing Ventricle

Chair: Baumgartner / Gewillig

Zeit Titel Referent/en
14.25 The failing single ventricle S. Ovrutskiy
14.45 Failing right ventricle in CHD M. Gewillig
15.05 Failing left ventricle in CHD H. Baumgartner
15.25 Artificial heart: are we ready for long term support? E. Potapov
15.45 Ask the experts Baumgartner / Gewillig / Ovrutskiy / Potapov
16.15 Closing remarks F. Berger

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