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Important patient information

Avoid Misinformation, Assess Risks Objectively

What applies to different risk groups?

The corona pandemic is spreading continuously. It is understandable that many parents of children with congenital heart disease are concerned.

Factual and medically incorrect information is not helpful, nor is misleading, false information, which can be found everywhere, particularly on social media.
The experts say the following: Caution is required for everyone, great caution for certain risk groups.

  • Moderate risk

    All patients whose diagnoses do not fall under those with low or high risk.

    Recommendations for work and school

    Avoid contact with sick people or people with suspected illness. Increased vigilance.
    Adherence to the following protective measures: Distance, hygiene, all-day masks, corona warning app, ventilation.
    Compliance with government pandemic regulations.

    Medical care in the event of illness from Covid-19

    Even in the case of mild symptoms, consult a pediatric cardiologist/GUCH cardiologist.
    In case of shortness of breath, fluid deficiency, and/ or increase of severity in symptoms, early admission to hospital and consultation with paediatric cardiologists/GUCH cardiologists is strongly recommended.



For general information, as well as personal advice on the coronavirus, please contact the patient service of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung) at the number 116 117.

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