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What Does PRDM16 Do?

Zebrafish Help to Investigate Myocardial Insufficiency

Scientific name of the study

The role of the co-transcription factor PRDM16 in cardiomyopathy

When the Structure of the Myocardial Tissue is Impaired

In the majority of cases of congenital heart disease, the anatomy, that is, the heart’s structure, differs from that of heart-healthy people. In medicine, this is referred to as structural malformation. In addition to it, there are heart defects in which the structure of the muscle tissue of the heart chamber is impaired. This leads to cardiac insufficiency (cardiomyopathy). This disease is rather rare in childhood. With increasing age, however, its frequency increases.

In charge of the project:

  • Dr. med. Anne-Karin Kahlert, P. Benjamin © P. Benjamin

    Dr. med. Anne-Karin Kahlert

    Anne-Karin Kahlert leitet die Forschungsgruppe „Kandidatengene im Tiermodell“ am Institut für Klinische Genetik der Technischen Universität Dresden. More

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